Zoyia's Birthday Night Out

So recently, my friend Zoyia had her 17th birthday and we all decided to celebrate during the week at Maria's By The Sea Hotel located in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, with a simple, nice dinner.  We all had an amazing time filled with laughter, of course, and just enjoying each others company.  I didn't get the chance to capture pictures at the dinner table, only before and after we ate dinner. But here are some pictures I did get the chance to capture...

The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia Book Review

I've never been the type to be a book worm but I must admit, I love reading books pertaining to fashion.  About a couple weeks ago, I was in my local library, headed straight to the area where the fashion and beauty books were and stumbled upon a book written by Nina Garcia, The Style Strategy.  I've always been a fan of Nina Garcia ever since watching one of my favorite shows, Project Runway, which I hope to be on one day.  To me, Nina Garcia is a Fashion Icon, so I decided that I would take this book home with me and read it.