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Hey guys, I know I've been away for a while but I'm back! All my attention was aimed towards college as it was my first semester and I wanted to do my best. With putting school first I managed to be on the Dean's List which I'm so happy about. It was all worth it! Now that college is closed for the summer, I've decided to come home to the British Virgin Islands and spend my vacation with family and friends. I will try to be consistent with content and not leave you guys stranded for a long time again. I will be posting on a regular schedule which I'll let you know about.

I wanted to make this post because in my last two posts I've never introduced myself and I really want to build a bond with everyone who visits my blog and for the obvious reason for you guys to know a little about me, SO LETS DIVE IN!!

20 Facts About Me

1.  I was born in the United  States Virgin Islands (USVI) but lived and grew up in the British Virgin Islands. I'm currently living in the United States following the American Dream to become a Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist.

2.  I'm a girly girl so of course my favorite color is pink.

3.  At aged 14 I lived in England, Birmingham.

4.  My favorite Fashion Designer is and would always be Alexander McQueen, he's one of the reasons I'm so in love with Gothic fashion. I admire everything about him.

5.  I'm obsessed with Vintage Fashion at the moment. I love watching 90's lookbooks on YouTube. I usually watch Leeana YouTube Channel (Instagram: @guvmanian) because her videos are dope.

6.  My favorite fashion era would have to be the Swinging Sixties.

7.  I can literally listen to Kanye West and Lana Del Rey for the rest of my life. CLASSICS!

8.  I'm super duper friendly and love to met new people even though I'm extremely shy.

9.  Bewitched is one of my favorite shows to watch, especially in black and white. Of course Gladys Kravitz is my favorite character DUH! I have such an old soul in this young body of mine.

10.  I'm super obsessed with watching documentaries. While watching them, I usually get comfortable with a bowl of ice cream and put my phone on silent so that I can soak up everything that I'm watching without any distractions.

11.  I spend 70% of my time watching YouTube videos and browsing through Forever21. Most of my clothing items at the moment are from there.

12.  I spend hours on Pinterest gathering creative ideas and in search of inspiration. I also love to search for food recipes, DIY crafts and natural hair care tips.

13.  Summer 2016, I shaved both sides of my head and also did an undercut for a Fashion program & event that I attend to. I'm never afraid of change.

14.  Growing up I did Track and Field, Ballet, Tennis, Hip Hop dancing, and took swimming classes but unfortunately I still cannot swim to save my life.

15.   I attended two Primary Schools and three High Schools ( a public high school, an academy school located in Quinton and a private Christian school) and now I'm currently attending college studying Design.

16.  My favorite foods are Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese from Pizza Hut.

17. I haaaaaaaaateee chocolate but for some reason I enjoy eating vanilla dove ice cream bars covered in chocolate and almonds.

18. Most of the clothing in my closet are black and white. I usually love going for a bold, sophisticated and clean look most of the time.

19.  Some of my favorite YouTubers are Latoya Forever, Lydia Elise Millen, Tootsie Time (Tootsie Jackson or Daina) and Makeup Shayla.

20.  My most embarrassing moment ever was hopping out of my grandmother's jeep and stepping on a dead chicken that I didn't even knew that was there. EWWWWWW..LOL!

Outfit Info:

Top: Foever21
Skirt: Forever21
Bag: Dooney&Bourke
Shoes: Gojane

Thank you all for visiting my blog today. See you again very soon as I have more exciting things coming your way.

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